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When W.E. Bouwman, a lawyer by education, born in a family widely interested in the fine arts, took over the firm 36 years ago, he was well aware of the visionary legacy as Hollands first specialist in the field of non European art. "When someone calls me Mr. Aalderink", Bouwman says: "I do not correct them. I am proud of the name, of carrying on the tradition."
We always offered  a wide variety of objects, guided by times tastes, interests and opportunities. The collection is always in change. At this very moment we are particularly focused on Japan. We offer Buddhist sculpture, netsuke (about 400 in stock), inro, tsuba and old tea ceramics. The latter has always been of our continuous interest just like the artifacts of the Indonesian archipelagos. The items in our collections have to express an individual message, an aesthetic momentum and a glimpse of a supreme world. We are happy to share this feeling with our visiting friends.