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Aalderink was founded in 1929 by Mr. Jaques Aalderink, a former teacher who was seized by the fine arts and especially by the objects from non European cultures. These objects were abundant in those days, due to the colonial past of Holland. Aalderink was a true pioneer who instinctively felt the beauty and the originality of those arts. Thus he became "specialized" in the nearly unlimited field of outer European art, offering a variety of sculptures, bronzes, ceramics, lacquer ware, weaponry and textiles from the Far East and tribal art from the Pacific and out of Africa. He was the founder of the famous Old Art and Antic fair in Delft and organized many exhibitions. A dealer of excellent reputation in which famous shop at the Spiegelgracht an international clientèle flocked together in their search for exciting items.

Art Gallery Aalderink in 1920